5 Quick Tips for Stress

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Recently I’ve had a massage client come to me saying that she enjoys her job and that she isn’t stressed. Honestly, I was shocked. This made me realise just how many people I deal with on a day-to-day basis that are stressed.

Do you feel stressed, tired, overwhelmed?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to stress you out further by giving you a long list of things to do; I want to give you 5 quick tips on how you might be able to reduce your stress levels:

  1. Breathe. I mean, really breathe. Take a long, slow, deep breath in, using your diaphragm. You should see your stomach protruding out when you take a good, deep breath in, if not, you’re not quite doing it correctly. Then, take a long, slow breath out. Breathing in this way can really help your body to relax.
  2. Do something YOU find relaxing. This is different for everyone. For some, it might be going for a massage, for others it might be taking for a walk. You might enjoy painting, singing, dancing or reading. Do what YOU love, you have permission!
  3. I know you’ve heard it before but maybe you need to hear it again. Exercise is good for you and it can really help your body. If you help your body, so might your stress levels be helped too! Exercise can also release a TON of feel good hormones too!
  4. Spend time with those that lift you up. If you feel constantly drained, have you ever considered who you are spending time with? Do they make you feel energised or are they dragging you down leaving you feel exhausted when you’ve spent time with them? I’m not saying that you shouldn’t help people but perhaps consider your own health whilst doing so. If you have an empty vessel, it is much harder for you to help others!
  5. Have you heard of essential oils? Do you know the benefits they can have for your brain, your emotional health, your stress levels? They can help SO much! Diffuse oils that are good for your emotional health!

I would LOVE to answer questions you might have on any of the above suggestions! Or any thoughts too! Feel free to leave a comment below, email, call or text to talk more!!

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