Are you breathing?

Do you struggle with your emotions? Is your back in pain? Or perhaps you’re not sleeping correctly?

I often ask my clients, ‘has anyone ever spoken to you about breathing?’. The response is almost always with a shocked face: ‘I have been breathing ok for 20, 30/50+ years ok so no!’. More often than not though, lots of my clients do not know how to breathe properly!

When you breathe correctly, you create more mental-emotional stability in the body. You unload the tension on large organs in your body and the organ system becomes more healthy.

How do you know if you’re breathing correctly?

Look at yourself in a mirror – take your top off and see for yourself what it means to take a deep breath properly. Proper breathing from your diaphragm is when breathing takes place first, just in the lower abdominal. It starts there and then it works like a wave throughout your body.

  1. The first part of the breath is from the front and the back;
  2. The second part of your breath is lateral;
  3. The third part is vertical.

For normal breathing if you’re sitting down on the sofa or in the car your breathing is more shallow but still starts in the lower abdominal.

When you’re in the mirror, place your hand on your upper chest and place the other hand below the belly button. When you start the deep inhalation, feel and see where your breath starts and ends.

If you can’t do that, read on for more advice & tips:

  • First in a standing position. Try to consciously think about doing that 3 thirds of breath, lower, middle and upper and if there is resistance or it feels very hard to do that, a second tip:
  • Go into a 4 point manner – two hands & two knees on the ground. In that 4 point, concentrate on relaxing the abdominal. If you have an incorrect breathing pattern you are likely to have tight abdominal muscles. In this 4 point position, as you inhale deeply, you should be able to see and feel your belly fall towards the ground. As you exhale, your belly will come up towards the spine. Continue to repeat that pattern for about 5 minutes.  If this is still challenging for you…
  • Roll on to your back with your knees bent. Take a water bottle and place it right on your lower abdominal. As you are taking a deep breath and the lower belly expands towards the ceiling, see the bottle move towards the ceiling. Continue the breath and feel the movement travelling up the body. Continue to do that for several repetitions.  Once you are able to do this, practice it every evening before bed. As you practice and train your body to breathe more through your diaphragm/correctly, you are also going to create a state of relaxation which will help you to sleep.

For more info and a video explanation, head over to the Chek institute blog here

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