Is your flexibility affecting your normal household chores?

A lack of flexibility can cause injuries while performing simple daily activities, like lifting a bag, gardening, normal household chores… +The first picture shows me picking up a bag with bad body mechanics because of a lack of flexibility. +The second picture shows me lifting with good body mechanics, I…

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Is your lower back aching?

Have you been sitting down all day, in your car or in the office? Has your lower back become stiff or sore? You might consider doing this McKenzie Press-Up. It’s a great stretch to do slowly to ease tension in your lower back. Below are instructions and an image of what it should…

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New beginnings?

I usually dislike this time of year… …as everyone seems to be setting ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ and inevitably breaking them after a week! But this year I am embracing new beginnings as I have been introduced to a fantastic book The Luck Factor, by Brian Tracy. I just wanted to spend a…

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